Ribbon painting
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New Style mural painting, ribbon painting for modern paintings for sale,home decorative painting

Ribbon painting is brand new style and modern painting art, which is different from traditional painting. It will get more attractive visual effect when using colored LED lights exposing on it.

Wall art ribbon painting, painting on ribbons with famous painting pattern.

Ribbon painting could have new creation from some famous painting pattern, we make it has the light reflecting effect and color changed with UV rays effect.

New Style Ribbon Ribbon painting on ribbons, new style ribbon painting for modern home decoration

Using special technology, this ribbon painting is light sensitive. Different color of the light exposing on it could lead to different color showing on the painting. So it will be more attractive under LED light.

Chinese style painting art,Abstract ribbon painting, special painting for wall hanging decoration

Ribbon painting color and looking effect can be influenced by external factors like light and temperature, to be changed with reflective light effect, photosensitive color changing and effect and other effects.